Website of the Grove of Manannan Mac Lir of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids

Who we are

The following are the 17 lights and candles of the grove

Chief Druid - Rodney G. Karr, Ph.D.



Grove Mother - Debra Varner

Chief Bard - Vince Bonfitto

Chief Mystic - Christine Torno

Chief Artist - Barbara Bolls-Guillory

Druid Apprentice - Len Kusdra

Mabon - Susannah Wedgwood


Fire Tender - Dan

Warrior Guardian of the Grove - Tim Dymond

Druid Representative in the Spirit World - Jehannah Wedgwood

Representative to the Faery Realm - Aeydwenon ('Inspired One')

Grove Familiar - Shamus (Skye Terrier/Dog)

Spirit Guide and Animal - The Monarch Bear (the last living California Grizzly Bear)

Caretaker of Grove Animals - Sarda

Celtic Chieftan Tree of the Grove Representing the Sky Father God - The Oak Tree

Celtic Chieftan Tree of the Grove Representing the Earth Mother Goddess - The Yew Tree

Grove Scribe - Stefen Burchard