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Downie River Grove, Downieville, Sierra County, California

Recently, in 2003, Rodney Karr and his partner Bill became stewards of four and a half acres of land upon the Downie River, near Downieville, in Sierra County, California. Rodney Karr does his primary personal spiritual work at the Downie River Grove, adjacent to a sacred pool. The destiny of this sacred place is in a process of unfoldment. A group of shamans performed a deep ritual in the presence of the Monarch Bear at the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, at the time of the winter solstice, 2003. This ritual involved transmigrating part of the Monarch Bear's spirit from the bear within the glass cube into two bear-claws. A sacred burial of these bear-claws, and therefore of the spirit of the Monarch Bear, will be performed by a group of shamans in the spring of 2004, at Downie River Grove. This is a major theme in the upcoming film, Honoring the Monarch Bear.

Downieville Cemetery

Rapids, Downie River

Sacred Pool, Downie River