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Bardic Tradition

The Bardic Tradition

After the fourth century A.D., with the coming of Christianity to Britain and Ireland, the philosophies, beliefs and traditions, of the Druids were preserved and maintained through the Bards, with their sacred poems, art and music. The Druid tradition, incognito in poems and music, was able to survive the Christian era, until the present time, when their full meaning can once again be seen, understood, and


In ancient as well as neo-druid tradition, there are three phases or levels of druid training. The first level, which in ancient times took at least twelve years in the druid colleges, was the bardic level. The bardic training focuses upon developing one's musical, poetic, and artistic abilities. In Druid tradition, the arts are seen as essential spiritual processes. A person must develop their artistic gifts before moving on to training as priest/priestess and teacher. The second level of Druid training is called Ovate, and is the level at which a person on the Druid path learns the priestly abilities and roles such as divination, healing, and ritual. Most people on the Druid path do not pass beyond the bardic level. Those most gifted enter into at least four years of training as priest/priestess. Most priest/priestesses never move beyond the ovate level. Those most gifted, are chosen to move on to at least four years of training at a Druid level. The Druid level is like a Ph.D., and is the level of teaching. A full Druid is all three: A Bard, a Priestess/Priest and a Druid Teacher.

In order to encourage our circle members to develop their Bardic talents, we are encouraging them to submit their artistic works to this website, so it can be shown to others. Our shamanic circles are filled with many artists and performers. The Druid / Shamanic tradition fits well with people of an artistic nature. We support and encourage each other's artistic and creative development.

Transformation: Death and Rebirth

--by Rodney Karr

Beltaine: The Sacred Marriage

--by Rodney Karr

Kernunuos: Earth God Rising

--by Rodney Karr

Bardic Gallery

Two White Bird in the Garden of Adoration

--by Rodney Karr